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Unformatted text preview: June 12, 2006 Blues: 12 bar Pop: 32 bar; aaba www.mhhe.com/socscience/music/white-miow/ learning objectives, multiple choice quiz, t/f quiz (study for test) Carver 044 for tests 75 q’s per exam (6 exams – not comprehensive) m.c. and t/f; 8-12 listening q’s per exam (use listening guides) excerpt vs. piece/movement grade based on average of 5 highest (dropped lowest exam) dolphin dreams – sounds in order the ocean, sea gulls, human heart beat, underlying chant (Sanskrit mantra “om”), chorus singing a wordless lullaby, dolphin sounds john cage (4’3’’) – silence, idea was to listen (paying attention to what is coming into ear, not just the physical activity); (considered music being he is a famous composer) christo – artist who put frames around islands, parks, etc. to make people aware of beauty around (goal: get them to look at it differently) noise: unwanted sound, nothing to do with quality of music music: organization of sound and silence no ear filters – not paying attention, but if chose to pay attention, can (some psychological filter)...
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