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June15 - Simple divides beat into 2 or 4 Compound divides...

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June 15, 2006 Meter – the regular grouping of pulses (described with “words” for numbers – one, two, three, four) Duple (two beats) Sousa, Stars and Stripes Forever Triple (three beats), Mozart, Symphony #41 Quadruple (four beats) Quintuple (five beat), Anderson, Living in the Past Downbeat (down on one) Itcus (means point in Latin) Pop music - plays within meter - syncopation Classical music - change meter, drag out The Beatles – The White Album – Happiness is a Warm Gun Section I (4/4 time): 8: oh yeah; 9 (5+4): window pane, hobnail boots; 8.5 (4+4+2/4) overtime, national trust Section 2 (3/4 time): 11: instrumental; 11: goin’ down Section 3 (3/4 time) – repeated three times: 19 (3+3+3+3+3+4): jump the gun Section 4 (4/4 time, ¾ time, 4/4 time): 4 (4/4): warm gun; 12 (3/4): no harm; 4 (4/4): warm gun Division of the pulse is not described with “words” for numbers (da da duggity duggity da) Beat division (subdivision) :
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Unformatted text preview: Simple : divides beat into 2 or 4 Compound : divides beat into 3 or 6 Oy abram – interlude comes between main tune and main theme, verses are sung Klezmer music – eastern European, dance/celebration music Klezmorim – performers Ashkenazi Jews – eastern European (Sephardic Jews (Gregorian chant) are from the Iberian peninsula – Spain and Portugal) Common Klezmer Instruments : *violin (fiddle), strohfiedel (folk xylophone), flute, bass, tsimbl (hammered dulcimer), *clarinet, *accordion, trumpet, tuba, drums Itzhak Perlman, In the Fiddler’s House , Brave Old World, Klezmer Conservatory Band Klezmer music characteristics Primarily celebration music – marches, dances (duple meter, some triple) Second genre: Doina – free and rhapsodic (often serving as introduction) Characteristic Sounds – “wailing sound – weeping,” “laugh-like sound,” “sob-like catch”...
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