June16 - Development Trinidad/Tobago African Drums British...

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June 16, 2006 The Percussion Family Idiophones – instruments that produce their sounds from the materials from which they are made Definite pitch xylophone marimba vibraphones glockenspiel (orchestra bells) steel drums gong Indefinite pitch - tam-tam cymbals (Turkish/Chinese) woodblock maracas guiro (gourd with notches cut out of top) Membranophones – instrument that produce sound through vibration of a stretched skin or membrane Definite pitch timpani (tympanum) tabla (tabla and baya) kalangu (hourglass drum, “talking drums of Africa”) Indefinite pitch drums with raised rims (usually played with sticks): o snare drum o bass drum o tom-toms drums without raised rims (played with hands): o bongos o congas o tambourine Steel Drum Music
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Unformatted text preview: Development Trinidad/Tobago African Drums British burned African drums to keep people from getting drunk and fighting Tamboo Bamboo cut various lengths of bamboo and banged on ground to make noise Engine Room car parts sink de pan, mon oil drums left after WWII Calypso Harry Bellefonte Soca calypso plus disco (Baha Men, Who Let the Dogs Out ) West African Percussion Insturments Idiophones o Agogo (gong-gongs cowbells) o Xylophones o Shekere (rattles) Membranophones o Djembe (conga drum) o Kalengu (talking drums) Polyrhythm Multi-layered rhythmic structure: organized by a common unit - too rapid to be perceived as a beat Babatunde Olatunji (1927-2003), The Story of Primitive Fire...
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June16 - Development Trinidad/Tobago African Drums British...

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