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June16 - Development – Trinidad/Tobago African Drums –...

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June 16, 2006 The Percussion Family Idiophones – instruments that produce their sounds from the materials from which they are made Definite pitch xylophone marimba vibraphones glockenspiel (orchestra bells) steel drums gong Indefinite pitch - tam-tam cymbals (Turkish/Chinese) woodblock maracas guiro (gourd with notches cut out of top) Membranophones – instrument that produce sound through vibration of a stretched skin or membrane Definite pitch timpani (tympanum) tabla (tabla and baya) kalangu (hourglass drum, “talking drums of Africa”) Indefinite pitch drums with raised rims (usually played with sticks): o snare drum o bass drum o tom-toms drums without raised rims (played with hands): o bongos o congas o tambourine Steel Drum Music
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Unformatted text preview: Development – Trinidad/Tobago African Drums – British burned African drums to keep people from getting drunk and fighting Tamboo Bamboo – cut various lengths of bamboo and banged on ground to make noise Engine Room – car parts “sink de pan, mon” – oil drums left after WWII Calypso – Harry Bellefonte Soca – calypso plus disco (Baha Men, Who Let the Dogs Out ) West African Percussion Insturments Idiophones o Agogo (gong-gongs – cowbells) o Xylophones o Shekere (rattles) Membranophones o Djembe (conga drum) o Kalengu (talking drums) Polyrhythm Multi-layered rhythmic structure: organized by a common unit - too rapid to be perceived as a beat Babatunde Olatunji (1927-2003), The Story of Primitive Fire...
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  • Percussion instrument, Trinidad/Tobago African Drums, burned African drums, gong Indefinite pitch, Harry Bellefonte, tambourine Steel Drum

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June16 - Development – Trinidad/Tobago African Drums –...

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