June22 - Chorale Cadences: final, half, deceptive...

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June 22, 2006 Basic Elements of Music HARMONY Triads – Chords Harmonic Tension Blues Progression Harmonizing Harmony – vertical sonorities, simultaneous pitches 3 or more tones sounding together (simultaneously) (2 different notes – interval; 3 different notes – harmony) Does not have to be pretty Harmonizing Western European Styled Tonal Harmony – based on diatonic scales 1 (tonic), 4 (sub dominant), 5 (dominant) triad built on 1 st degree= 1, 3, 5 triad built on 2 nd degree = 2, 4, 6 triad built on 3 rd degree = 3, 5, 7 etc. Triads (chords of three different pitches) Major Minor Important scale degrees for triads (chords) I - Tonic V – Dominant IV – Subdominant Root position - Inversions – putting a different not (other than root note in bass) Doubling Cadences (musical punctuation) Final – authentic - Five to one (dominant to tonic) Plagal - Four to one (subdominant to tonic) “Amen” in hymnals Non-final – Half - One to five Deceptive - Five to something else Harmonic Tension J.S. Bach,
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Unformatted text preview: Chorale Cadences: final, half, deceptive Modulation Movement from one key center to another Smooth modulation Back Abrupt Modulation Beethoven Change from one key center (feeling) to another Sometimes smoothly Sometimes abruptly (up and cheesy) Four Seasons: Spring Antonio Vivaldi Diatonic harmony Circle progression (if you go around the circle and end in a different key) Complete (if you go all the way around the circle) 12-bar Blues based on chord progression - three segments of 4-bars tonic, subdominant, dominant Antonio Vivaldi (1678-1741) The Red Priest Venice Ospedale della pieta (arguably the best orchestra in Europe, girls orphanage) Spring Concerto Ritornello Theme Episodes (solo) Key La Primavera (Spring) E major, RV 269 Typical baroque concerto I Allegro (ritornello) II Largo (theme, variation) III Allegro (ritornello) Three Movements, Ritornello, Basso Continuo...
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June22 - Chorale Cadences: final, half, deceptive...

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