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Leadership Tactics1 Running head: IMPROVING PRODUCTIVITY: LEADERSHIP TACTICS Improving Productivity: Leadership Tactics University of Phoenix
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Improving Productivity: Leadership Tactics Leadership tactics are tools and methods leaders employ to motivate and lead their organization. Good Sport faced issues and challenges similar to that of most companies. In order to introduce a new product they needed to leverage their organizational culture, improve productivity and maintain a competitive advantage. Leadership tactics vary widely in approach and organizational involvement depending on the desired outcome and situation. They include such approaches as employee empowerment, nurturing employees, coalition, exchange, integration, inspirational appeal and consultation. Different approaches have different avenues of success and affect companies differently. Good Sport had to improve productivity and increase revenues and faced several internal challenges in the process. First, they received opposition from the sales department to the development of a new product, XtendSport. Second, they needed to convince the production department of the manufacturing feasibility of XtendSport. Third were challenged to balance the three levels of power structure among subordinates, peers and the CEO. Good Sport exercised several leadership tactics to overcome these challenges. These approaches were critical to Good Sport’s increased revenue, profitability and overall success in the global market. Team Analysis: Good Sport Compared Our team benchmarked ten companies in varying industries to assess their selection and usage of leadership tactics when faced with similar business conditions. The companies analyzed were Dell Computers, Proctor and Gamble, Home Depot,
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Leadership_Final - Leadership Tactics1 Running head...

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