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Problem Solution 1 Problem Solution: InterClean Corporation In today’s competitive and hectic business world, organizations are often faced with situations which require careful evaluation, planning, and execution of solutions. Organizations must be able to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the business world by having strong leaders who empower the workforce, provide leadership, and make critical decisions to solve complex business problems to ensure long-term success. In addition, organizational leaders must constantly assess the effectiveness of its business strategies and how these strategies coincide with current state, end-state goals, and mission and culture of the organization. In order to find resolution to organizational problems, leaders must adopt and apply problem-solving models in business activities, particularly in decision-making. Problem-solving models serve as a systematic process to solve a multitude of problems in every facet of people’s lives. By using problem-solving models such as University of Phoenix’s Nine-Step Problem-Solving model, individuals and/or organizations are able to take a more systematic approach in problem-solving. This paper will attempt to educate readers how organizations have the need to adapt to the ever-changing business climate, work with internal and external forces affecting the business, and the need for strong leadership in order to succeed. Using InterClean, Inc. (InterClean) as the subject of the case study, this paper will identify the issues, opportunities, and influential forces which will be considered in selecting the most appropriate alternative solution for the situation. In the pursuit of developing an effective strategy to resolve InterClean’s problems, the University of Phoenix’s Nine-Step Problem Solving Model will be used. This paper will show how the problem-solving model can help in finding the most optimal solution that would address InterClean’s organizational problems and at the same time, achieve the end-state goals the company desires. This paper encourages readers to carefully evaluate InterClean’s background
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Problem Solution 2 and team dynamics to gain a better understanding of the company’s position, which would provide a clear picture of the problem areas that needs to be addressed. Situation Background (Step 1) InterClean, Inc. (InterClean) has been a prominent organization in the institutional and industrial cleaning and sanitation industry for more than 15 years. Since its inception, the company has executed numerous changes to adapt to the changing landscape of the business world. With recent regulations passed by federal and state regulatory agencies forcing businesses to comply with more stringent environmental and safety policies and procedures, InterClean’s chief executive officer realizes an opportunity for the company to grow by responding to the evolving needs of its existing and potential clients. Clients are now more interested in services that include a wide-range of cleaning and sanitation products and
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Problem Solution Interclean - Problem Solution Problem...

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