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Problem Solution: Riordan Manufacturing Introduction The challenges of today’s global business arena are legion. Much like emergency room doctors, effective managers must carefully, yet quickly and accurately analyze each situation, diagnose the correct problem and proceed to apply the correct solution. In this fast-paced, challenge wrought environment managers and the business organizations under their leadership have to make critical decisions on a routine basis. Making the correct decisions is essential to the survival of these operations, much in the same way that the survival of an emergency room patient depends on the correct diagnosis and treatment of an emergency room trauma. Just as emergency room doctors are successful in making correct diagnoses only when they follow a step-by-step diagnosis model, business managers can only identify the correct problems to solve, among the many they may face when they use the 9-step problem-solving model in correct order. Progressing in the correct order through the model will effectively guide managers toward identifying the correct problem, the most suitable available alternatives, and will ultimately help them in the implementation or execution of solutions. In the 9-step model begins this process by first describing the situation the at hand. A case in point is a complex business challenge at Riordan Manufacturing. This paper will analyze the situation, opportunities and challenges of Riordan Manufacturing identifying the underlying problems with Riordan’s human capital management using the 9-step problem solving model. The end-state goals and the proposed alternatives will help Riordan Manufacturing to improve human resource
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practices, giving Riordan a sustained competitive advantage (Dreher & Dougherty, 2001). Situation Analysis (Step 1) Riordan Manufacturing is an international plastics manufacturer with 550 employees and $46 million in projected annual revenues. Recently, Riordan made several strategic changes in the way it manufactures and markets its products. Declining sales and uneven profits over the past two years not only forced the company to change its sales approach but also prompted it to adopt a customer-relationship management (CRM) system. Sales teams rather than single salespeople now service customers with each team focusing on a particular customer segment. Teams typically include a sales person, product engineering specialist and customer service rep. The plan is that the team approach will improve sales (UOPOa, 2006). Riordan Manufacturing has seen a consistent drop in employee satisfaction over the last 12 months and the increase of voluntary separations has doubled in the past year in every department. These numbers are alarming and speak of issues that could lead to disaster for Riordan if they are not recognized and quickly addressed. Situation Analysis (Step 1)
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RiordanProblemSolution] - Problem Solution: Riordan...

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