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mgmt 1 - (I don’t know if you type out the numbers or if...

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Yania v. Bigan Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, 1959 Facts: important facts, reasons, argument, lower court decisions if given (less than ½ page typed) Issue: Question for court to answer (1 sentence with ? for each issue) Decision: 1) NoAnswer to question (Yes/No). 2) Actual outcome is reverse/remand – lose points if only put Yes or No 3) Holding (statement of law) -general rule of law (not always mentioned word for word)
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Unformatted text preview: (I don’t know if you type out the numbers, or if you just write these things) Reasoning: why (Actually type “facts” “issue” “decision” “reasoning” so they are easily found) (Effort grade – don’t ever leave anything blank, can fix in class as we go over them, TAs are not given exact answers, try your best)...
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