002-011 - PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY II(2:11 FALL 2007 Course...

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PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY II (2:11) FALL, 2007 Course Syllabus Time and place : MWF 12:30-1:20; AUD MH, plus labs (start on first week) Lecturers and office hours : Joseph Frankel 424 BB (335-1110; [email protected]) Office Hours: MWF 1:30-2:30 or by appointment Jeff Klahn 434 BB(335-1080; [email protected]) Office Hours: MWF 1:30-2:30 or by appointment Laboratory Coordinator : (He signs all add and drop slips; and makes arrangements to make up missed labs; contact him in advance if you know you will miss a lab, and without delay if you are absent.) John Stefaniak: 133 BBE (Biology Bldg East) (335-1059); [email protected] Department Office : 143 BB (335-1050) Department Chairman: Jack Lilien, 143 BB (335-1054) Required Materials: (Available at IMU Bookstore): Campbell and Reece, Biology , 7th ed. Frankel, Klahn, Stefaniak, and Williams: Laboratory Manual in Principles of Biology II, 8th ed. Dissecting Kit Lecture packet for lectures 1-20 on sale now Lecture packet for lectures 21-44 will be on sale later in the semester Prerequisites: Principles of Biology I (2:10); Principles of Chemistry I (4:11) Instructions for accessing the course webpage : First, Log on to the department's web site: http://www.biology.uiowa.edu/ Then click on the following links: Undergraduate Program Class Notes/Syllabi (twice) 2:11 Principles of Biology 2 USERNAME: Biology2 PASSWORD: (announced in class) Philosophy of the Course The primary aim of this course is not the accumulation of separate and disconnected items of information. Although you will encounter a good many “facts” along the way, your primary concern should be to understand and comprehend the general principles of heredity, development, immunology, ecology, and evolution. Your comprehension should reach a level that will allow you to demonstrate your understanding by clearly explaining and properly applying these principles, using the “facts” you have learned, in your written answers to examination questions. The level of skill should be sufficient to make the matter clear to a person who has taken 2:10 but is not enrolled in 2:11. LECTURE SCHEDULE
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2:11 Principles of Biology II Page 2 Required readings in Campbell et al. I. GENETICS (J. Frankel) (f = figure ) 1. Aug 27 Meiosis [221-224] *,  238-247 2. Aug 29 Fundamentals of Mendelian Genetics 251-263, 265-270 3 Aug 31 Genes on Chromosomes: Sex Linkage 274-277; 282-284 4. Sep 5 Independent Assortment 247-248; 256-258; 275f 5. Sep 7 Linkage and Genetic Mapping 248-249; 277-282 6. Sep 10 [77-85] * , 263-264; 309-312 7. Sep 12 Gene Action II: Molecular Basis of Gene Expression [293-307; 312-325, 331f] * 328-330; 267; 84; 260-261 8. Sep 14 Regulation of Gene Expression 352-356 9. Sep 17 Genetic Analysis at the DNA Level [375-377, 384-394; 402-409 10. Sep 19 Recombinant DNA Technology 11. Sep 21 421-425; 431-433 II. DEVELOPMENT and IMMUNOLOGY (J. Frankel) 12. Sep 24
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002-011 - PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY II(2:11 FALL 2007 Course...

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