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Assignment one: Designing a personal Genogram and Ecomap ISS 210; Section 002 Society and the Individual; Family Ecology in a Global Perspective Objective: To gain an understanding of how family, people, events and the environment impact your daily life. Directions: There are two parts to Assignment One. Part one is the construction of a personal genogram, with accompanying text interpretation and discussion. Part two is the construction of an ecomap, also with a text interpretation. Requirements: Part one; GENOGRAM Construct a genogram that depicts your family history. The genogram cannot be hand drawn; it should be completed on a computer. You will need to illustrate the linage of the family having at least 3 generations represented (grandparents, parents, and you and siblings if any). An example of an appropriate genogram will be presented during lecture, and will be available via the ANGEL learning portal. Written Portion -
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