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Exam 2 Study Guide - Abortions regulations Wedding...

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ISS 210: Society and the Individual Study Guide for Examination Two Exam to be given Tuesday, March 25 th at 8:00 a.m. Topics to be covered include Japan, China, Australia, Greece, India and Islam CHINA Footbinding Family planning policy Gender preference Fertility rates in China during communist era Type of societal change in China Care of elderly parents Parenting style Nickname for only child who is male Aging crisis Inheritance rights GREECE Characteristics of Spartans in Ancient Greece Average age of marriage in Ancient Greece Meaning of the color of veil in marriage ceremony Selection of the groom in Ancient Greece Societal practice in Ancient Greece Single parent rates in Greece Class system in Greece Center of creativity and education in Ancient Greece Meaning of common cup in wedding Role of women in Ancient Greece INDIA Aids patients in India Law of Karma Hindu caste system Estimate of the number of children in prostitution Possible outcome of early pregnancy Reason for parents approving of child brides
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Unformatted text preview: Abortions regulations Wedding preparations of couple Main religion Infant mortality Spiritual leader of all of India British East India Company trade with Asia Economic interest since the 1600s Sati Alter erected for wedding JAPAN Child rearing practices in Japan Type of society Parasite singles Result of new divorce law Marriage system in Japan during the aristocracy AUSTRALIA How Aboriginal people retained stories Purpose of the prison ships First prison ship in Australia Total number of Irish prisoners Imposed identity Characteristics of the Rainbow Snake Female Rainbow Snake Stolen Generation Removal of Aboriginal children Characteristics of Dreamtime ISLAM Founding of Islam (time of origin related to other religions) Strength of Muhammad’s preaching Qur’an’s view of polygamy % of the two Islamic groups Divorce in Islam Consequence of adultery Meaning of hijab, zagat, Outcome of the conquest of Mecca by Muhammad...
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Exam 2 Study Guide - Abortions regulations Wedding...

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