Exam 2 SG Ans - EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE CHINA Footbinding - was...

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EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE CHINA Footbinding - was practiced on Chinese females from the 10 th century until the early 20 th ; this would happen to children as early as age six; their feet would not grow any larger that 4-6 inches; it was thought to be beautiful and looked like a lotus flower; the practice was ended by the communists Family planning policy - one child policy was developed by the PRC; the rules are that each couple can only have one child, if a couple has a girl they can apply to have a second child but they can still be fined and the second child will not be able to participate in government programs like schools, hospital services, social supports, and housing - the parents have to pay for all of it. Gender preference - a male is the preferred child because they can carry on the family name Fertility rates in China during communist era Type of societal change in China Care of elderly parents - it is the duty of the son to take care of his elderly parents. Parenting style Nickname for only child who is male - little emperor Aging crisis – the national life expectancy grew from 41 years in 1950 to 70 years in 2000; there will be a challenge in how to handle the problem between it’s low productivity level and the aging crisis. Inheritance rights - are passed through the male GREECE Characteristics of Spartans in Ancient Greece – Focus was on obedience and war; Spartans freed the slaves if they went into military service; very serious warriors Spartan Marriages – Non-ceremonial event, woman abducted at night by her suitor, head shaved; made to wear men’s clothing and lie on a straw pallet in the dark Average age of marriage in Ancient Greece – bride = 13, groom = 30 Meaning of the color of veil in marriage ceremony – veil of yellow or red, which represented fire; brightly colored veil designed to protect from evil spirits and demons Selection of the groom in Ancient Greece Societal practice in Ancient Greece Single parent rates in Greece Class system in Greece Center of creativity and education in Ancient Greece - Athens Meaning of common cup in wedding – drinking from the common cup symbolizes how the couple must share every joy and sorrow together Role of women in Ancient Greece – keep house and bear children INDIA ~ Aids patients in India - 20 years ago the first case was diagnosed; the rates are far below the
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Exam 2 SG Ans - EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE CHINA Footbinding - was...

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