INCONVENIENT TRUTH MOVIE - economies of nations worldwide 3...

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INCONVENIENT TRUTH MOVIE 1. Think about the current assumption regarding global warming and our impact on earth? The earth is so big we can’t possibly have any lasting impact on the Earth’s future. The Earth is just barely large enough to host the entire global population, why couldn’t we make a lasting affect. We’ve already started, and it’s negative so far. 2. What impact is climate change having on glaciers and how does that affect the population? Glaciers around the globe are vastly decreasing in size and changing the local climate and
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Unformatted text preview: economies of nations worldwide. 3. How do natural disasters impact families in the region of the disaster? 4. What are the effects of global warming on Darfur and Niger? 5. What is the result of the melting permafrost and families? 6. What is the U.S.’s role in air pollution? 7. How does climate change affect the spread of disease? 8. Consider the effect of melting ice on families? 9. Consider the impact of governmental policies on the environment. 10. Think about ways the individual can make a positive impact on the environment....
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INCONVENIENT TRUTH MOVIE - economies of nations worldwide 3...

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