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Indian Lecture and Notes The role of boarding schools was to Americanize Native Americans, Native Americans were forced to cut their hair, not speak their native tongue, and made to learn English culture. If they somehow managed to escape the boarding school they would no longer be accepted by their people because they usually forgot their native tongue and didn’t know how to live with their people. An Inconvenient Truth Countries that have been impacted by severe draughts because of global warming are largely African countries like Niger where the rainy season has been coming later than usual and for a shorter period of time, this makes it hard to grow crops and even to have water to drink which can be devastating to countries that are already not that developed and rely on a rainy season for profit and food. Recently hurricanes have been becoming more intense and much more devastating to the places they come in contact with; global warming is a cause of
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Unformatted text preview: this intensifying. As the sea water becomes warmer with Global warming the spinning of hurricanes and overall destructibility of hurricanes increases and is reasoned by Al Gore as a reason why hurricane Katrina became as powerful as it did. The United States has the biggest impact on global warming worldwide but places like China have begun to have a larger role in global warming also as they have begun to develop into a power in the world. Their vast mines have been an issue as have their newly developed factories all of which generate smog into the air causing global warming to happen more rapidly. Nations with little industry or undeveloped countries in general tend to have little to no impact on global warming. (No clue if this is correct) Three factors that influence global warming are...
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Indian_Speaker_and_An_Inconvenient_Truth - this...

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