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Quiz 6 SG - Number of ethnic groups Term used for the...

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ISS 210: SOCIETY AND THE INDIVIDUAL STUDY GUIDE FOR ON-LINE QUIZ 6 The 6 th on-line quiz will be available from noon on Tuesday, March 18 th until Noon Friday, March 21 st , INDIA Term for wedding alter Definition of Sati Poverty in India and infant mortality Abortion regulations and female fetus One reason for poor parents in rural areas that arrange the marriage of their very young Daughter Wedding preparation for the bridal couple before the ceremony Widowhood and beliefs related to the widow Primary religion in India Spiritual leader of all of India Commodity the British sold to Asia British main economic interest in India Possible consequence of too early child bearing Legality of child marriages
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Unformatted text preview: Number of ethnic groups Term used for the female ceremony of painting the hands before the wedding AUSTRALIA How the British explorers described Australia Purpose of the prison ships sent to Australia by Britain Characteristics of Aboriginal Dreamtime Cadigal peoples’ impression of the British who came to Australia Stolen generation British settlers and their treatment of the Aboriginal and the land Treatment of Aboriginal children between 1910 and 1970 by the government Purpose of the settlement camps for Aboriginal children Role of skin tone in Aboriginal settlement camps for children Characteristics of the Rainbow Snake...
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