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ISS 210 Section 004: Society and the Individual Family Ecology in a Global Perspective Instructors: Deborah Johnson, PhD Teaching Assistant: Christopher Belous, B.A.A. Marie J. Corey, M.S 407 Human Ecology 14 C Human Ecology 353-3392 353-1788 [email protected] [email protected] Office hours: Tuesday Office hours: Thursday 4:00pm - 6:00pm 10:15 – 11:30 am *or by appointment Course Description: This ISS course will provide students with a global and ecological perspective of families and the environmental issues, cultural impact and economic conditions that impact how families function in specific conditions. The course will draw upon concepts based in geographical knowledge, economic conditions, cultural beliefs, and apply these concepts to families throughout the world. The importance and relevance of studying families using an ecological approach will be stressed. Emphasis will be placed on comparing and contrasting family structures applying conflict, structure and function, and symbolic interaction theories. The course will explore global health, poverty, environmental and gender issues and the impact of war and situational conditions that are a current issue of concern. Students will participate in group discussions related to specific global family issues and problem-solve social issues that are raised in the readings, films, and lectures. Objectives: By the end of the semester the student will be able to 1. Identify and apply family theories to specific empirical conditions 2. Describe and analyze the diversity of family forms and functions 3. Explain the importance of understanding the ethnic and cultural differences of families around the world 4. Develop an understanding of the relationship and impact of the “global economy” on children and families 5. Understand the importance of providing quality health care for all families 6. Compare and contrast international government policies and their affects on women and the family.
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Course Readings: Text: Mass: Allyn and Bacon. ISBN 0-205-33574-8 On-line articles listed on Angel in Lessons ATTENDANCE AND CLASS PARTICIPATION: Students are expected to attend each class session and actively participate in the discussions. Many of the topics covered in class will reflect the assigned readings. Group discussion assignments:
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Syllabus - ISS 210 Section 004 Society and the Individual...

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