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2 pt credit wksht - 2-Point Credit Worksheet for Quiz 1 ISS...

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2-Point Credit Worksheet for Quiz 1 ISS 210 QUIZ 1 RAW SCORE [23 ] DUE: October 11, 2007 REVISED SCORE [ ] NAME: ________James Lynch _________ PID: A __402 __-_35 _-__654 ___ The makeup work MUST BE ATTACHED to this form . All work must be neatly written or typed and submitted on paper that does not have ragged edges (i.e. torn from a spiral binder). It must be submitted on or before the DUE date shown above. Be sure to print your name and PID on each sheet and attach them securely to this cover sheet. The following directions must be followed exactly or no makeup credit will be given. 1. Use the Feedback Sheet your received in Pilot to identify the questions you missed and list the numbers of those questions in a column down the left side of this sheet. 2. Print a copy of the quiz from the Adobe Acrobat file in this folder. Be sure to print Form A or Form B depending on what form you used. Remember Question 1 3. After each number listed, write a short phrase to identify the topic or focus of the question missed.
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