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ISS 210 Quiz 3 Fall 2007 Key Terms Descent: unilineal v. bilineal Descent: Patrilineal v. matrilineal Cross cousins v. parallel cousins “new chiefs” v. traditional chiefs Grassy Narrows: old reservation v. new reservation “Indian problem” Grassy Narrows v. Kenora Vision quest: girls v. boys Catastrophic response Time: Ojibwa v. Western Groceries v. Food Residential schools Atomistic society
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Unformatted text preview: Anomie v. Apathy Truncated Societies Spirit houses Places of power Shaking tent ceremony Sorcery Clan based residence pattern Endogamy v. exogamy Near universal “constants” of drinking BAC Phases of alcoholism Fetal alcohol syndrome v. fetal alcohol effect Delirium tremens Temperate v. Non-temperate societies Drunken comportment Natural experiment...
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