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feedback - How to read your feedback Please review the...

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How to read your feedback. Please review the following carefully and use it to interpret the Feedback Report you received via Pilot Email. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Student FEEDBACK Report Instructor Name: HANDRICK, P Michigan State University Computer Laboratory Scoring Office * No of ITEMS on TEST: 40 No of ITEMS OMITTED: Job # 0600 SECTION TEST No 02 Form B TEST Date 01/10/02 * This part identifies that this was Test 2, Form B taken on September 2, 2001 NAME LASTNAME I A####### RAW SCORE 31 PERCENTILE 69 This part gives the name of the student, his or her PID. RAW SCORE is the total number of questions the student got right . PERCENTILE is the percentile ranking of the raw score in the class and is totally irrelevant . In this case, 31% of students got a higher score . * 001- 2 : 002- 5 4 : 003- 1 2 : 004- 4 5 : 005- 1 : Each TEST ITEM # is followed by the STUDENT RESPONSE which is followed by the KEYED RESPONSE for WRONG ANSWERS This part is self-explanatory . The student got Question 1 correct. On Question 2, the student put down the wrong answer, 5, which is followed by the correct answer.
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