ISS_210_Review_Materials - neanderthalensis Contrasts Apes...

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ISS 210 Review Materials Key terms and Concepts for Quiz 1 Definitions… Allopatric speciation Binocular vision Bipedalism Canine diastema Cladistics Competitive exclusion Creationism Empiricism Endothermy Exaptation Fossil Holotype Laetoli footprints Limbic system Madagascar Mosaic Species Mousterian (Lavallois) Natural Selection Nonoverlapping Magisteria Osteodontokeratic Paradigm Piltdown skull Sexual dimorphism Scala naturae Science: theories and knowledge Characteristics of…(e.g. locomotion, teeth, tails, shoulders) Primates Euprimates Monkeys Apes Hominids Sequences… Australopithecus: amenisis, afarensis, africanus Homo: habilis, erectus/ergaster, heidelbergensis, sapiens,
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Unformatted text preview: neanderthalensis Contrasts Apes v Hominids Australopithecines v Paranthropus Knuckle-Walking v Bipedalism Method: Deductive v Inductive Mobility: Circulating v Radiating Monkeys v Apes Monkeys: New World v Old World Phyletic gradualism v Punctuated Equilibrium Reproductive Strategies: r v K Species boundary: biology v paleontology Teeth: reptile v mammal Uniformitarianism v Catastrophism Tool traditions: Oldowan pebble tools v Acheulean hand axe Acheulean v Mousterian Who said what? Jeffrey Schwartz and orangutans Hartwig-Scherer and Homo habilis Louis Binford and living floors Schaller and Lowther and scavanging...
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ISS_210_Review_Materials - neanderthalensis Contrasts Apes...

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