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VI. Dependency, Anomie and Truncated Societies A. Dependency is the structural inability to determine goals and to control the means to obtain them. In an essay "What do Indians Want?" (Chicago Sun Times , June 11, 1961, Section 2:1-2), Sol Tax identifies two significant problems. 1. The problems facing Native American communities stem from our (U.S. and Canadian) management of Indian Affairs. a. "We (government and society) have determined what their goals should be" b. "We (government and society) have tried to see to it that these goals are reached by our methods, rather than by the Indian's method. 2. "Since a normal community derives its meaning in the very act of organizing to make decisions and carry them out, all American Indian communities have been effectively crippled. 3. Does this sound familiar in the context of Grassy Narrows? B. Anomie is the disjunction between the goals of the society and the institutionalized means to obtain them. 1.
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CH8_Government_Policy_and_Decision_Makin - VI. Dependency,...

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