Works Cited for Renaissance Architects

Works Cited for Renaissance Architects - . The Renaissance...

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Logan Lane ENGL 1123-05 Dr. Lansing Smith Works Cited Toman, Rolf . The Art of the Italian Renaissance: Architecture, Sculpture, Painting . New York: Konemann, 1998 Adams, Laurie Schneider . Italian Renaissance Art . Westview Press, 2001 Lowry, Bates . “High Renaissance Architecture.” Redefinitions of Style . 17:2 (1958): 115-128 Clapham, Alfred William, Sir
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Unformatted text preview: . The Renaissance of Architecture and Stone-Carving in Southern France in the 10 th and 11 th Centuries . Proceedings of the British Academy . London (1934): 47-66 Craven, Jackie . Renaissance Architecture About . com . 10 Feb. 2008 <http://architecture>...
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