Chapter 6 States of Consciousness

Chapter 6 States of Consciousness - as well as daydreaming...

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Metacognition: thinking about thinking Define consciousness into two parts: awareness and arousal William James describes the mind as a stream of consciousness: a continous flow  of changing sensations, images, thoughts, and feelings (mind races from one topic  to the next) Likely that separate distributed processing systems connect to produce  consciousness Awareness: involves the cerebral cortex, especially in its association area and  frontal lobes Arousal: brain stem, medulla, and thalamus Damage to either of the 2 areas related to consciousness may cause a coma Levels of Awareness o Higher-level consciousness: controlled processing in which individuals  actively focus their efforts on attaining a goal; the most alert state of  consciousness Doing a math or science problem; preparing for a debate o Lower-Level consciousness: automatic processing that requires little attention, 
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Unformatted text preview: as well as daydreaming Punching a number in a cell phone; typing on a keyboard when one is an expert; gazing at a sunset o Altered States of Consciousness: can by produced by drugs, trauma, fatigue, possibly hypnosis, and sensory deprivation Feeling the effects of having taken alcohol or psychedelic drugs; undergoing hypnosis to quit smoking or lose weight o Subconscious Awareness: occurs when people are awake, as well as when they are sleeping and dreaming Sleeping and dreaming o No Awareness: Freud’s belief that some unconscious thoughts are too laden with anxiety and other negative emotions for conscioussness to admit them Having unconscious thoughts; being knocked out by a blow or ansethetized...
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Chapter 6 States of Consciousness - as well as daydreaming...

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