ANP 264 3.26.08 - ANP 264 3.26.2008 Archaeo-astronomy and...

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ANP 264 3.26.2008 Archaeo-astronomy and ethno-astronomy Definitions: The study of ancient and modern astronomical practices among non-western cultures Mainly examines alignments and their relations to various celestial bodies (i.e. plants and stars) Alignments : an intentional arrangement of human-made structures or placement of objects that are oriented in a particular direction of celestial significance. Why would people be interested in the stars and planets? Divinations, the future, the zodiac, beginning of seasons, eclipses What about these celestial bodies might make them of interest? Social power, non-constant events Astronomy and non-western societies Different cultures have difference conceptions of the night sky and the universe in general. This understanding of the universe often structures the way a people live. Circular time : early small-scale society’s structures theirs lives around seasonal changes; Hunters and gatherers- don’t have concepts of the future (long term planning doesn’t exist Depend of the regularity of the seasonal cycle and the food resources that become available during particular seasons. Theses astronomical ‘calendars’ did not mark the passing of years but the passing and return of seasons. Types of societies
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ANP 264 3.26.08 - ANP 264 3.26.2008 Archaeo-astronomy and...

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