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Philosophy 200 8.30.07 I. Moral responsibility: one is morally responsible for an action if it is appropriate to either praise or blame the person for the action. Free will/Freedom: Just whatever it takes to be morally responsible. Ayer says : Ability to do otherwise Determinism: All events, including human actions, are causally necessary. Every event has a preceding cause that makes it inevitable. Indeterminist claims that there are events that aren’t determined (Human actions)
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Unformatted text preview: II. Argument for hard determinism: philosophical argument people make, derived from determinism (1) if determinism is true, then we are not free (2) Determinism is true (3) We are not free Compatibilists and libertarians both think we are free, hard determinists do not Compatibilists deny (1) but think (2) is true (Ayer and Stace) Libertarians deny (2) but think (1) is true (Chisholm) III. B.F Skinner...
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