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PHL 200 9.18.07 - 2 So at any given time I cannot tell...

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PHL 200 9.18.2007 I. Descartes and the structure of our beliefs II. Sensory error argument III. The dream argument IV. EVIL DEMONS Sensory Error argument: 1. Our senses sometimes deceive 2. Whatever sometimes deceives cannot be trusted entirely 3. So we cannot entirely trust our beliefs based on the senses [1,2] 4. So its possible that our beliefs that rely on the senses are mistaken [3] Dream Argument: 1. Dream experience CAN BE, qualitatively, just like any waking experience
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Unformatted text preview: 2. So at any given time, I cannot tell whether I am awake or dreaming [1] 3. At any given time it is possible that I am dreaming [2] 4. Often, when I dream, my beliefs are mistaken 5. At any given time, it is possible that my beliefs are mistaken [3.4] Pinch test No reasoning test Slow motion running test Method of Doubt: Only have the truths that are certain by eliminating those beliefs that are doubtful....
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