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PHL 200 11.8.07 - PHL 200 11.8.07 I II III IV V remind you...

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PHL 200 11.8.07 I. remind you of Rowe’s definitions II. Anselm’s 3-way distinction a. Reductio ad absurdum III. 4 sentences IV. Rowe inspired schema V. Gaunillo’s objection P.O (Possible Object): on left or logically possible to be on left I.O (Impossible Object): On right and logically impossible to be on left C.O (Contingent Object): Logically possible to be on other side of line than on N.O ( ): On left and logically impossible to be on right Things that exist Things that don’t exist Empire state bldg Fountain of youth Dogs Unicorns The Planet Mars Abominable Snowman 4 sided triangles God: The Greatest Conceivable Being (G.C.B) Exists In Mind Exists in Reality Exists only in Mind Unicorn Hubbard Hall Unicorn
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