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PHL 200 9.20.2007 I. Beliefs that escape dream argument doubt II. A priori/ a posteriori III. Evil Demon Argument IV. Knowledge V. Standards of justification VI. The cogito: “I think, there I am” There is something blue in front of me The color blue exists (or at least did at one time) A priori: A claim is a priori iff its justification requires no investigation of the experienced world. A posteriori: a claim that justification requires an appeal or investigation of the experienced world
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Unformatted text preview: Person S knows P iff: 1. S believes P 2. S is justified in believing P 3. P is true The skeptic doesn’t believe # 2 5. It is possible that my sensory beliefs are mistaken 6. If I know x, then in believing x I cannot be mistaken 7. I cannot know anything that relies upon the senses [5,6] 6a. Not possible; [I know x and I am mistaken in believing x] 6b. If I know x then [not possible: I am mistaken in believing x] Deflationists:...
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