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ANP 264 Great Discoveries in Archaeology Lecture Outline (tut’s family curse) I. Who discovered the tomb of King Tut? a. Howard Carter II. What were the reasons originally suggested for the demise of King Tut’s family line? a. The inbreeding of his family line (many of the wives were cousins) b. What were the lines of evidence for these theories? i. Tut was thought to marry his half sister. Never had surviving children. Akhenaton (father?) had diseases that may have been inherited by his children. ii. Akhenaton (heretic pharaoh) changed art (elongated heads and limbs)- possible disease III. What scientific methods were used to challenge these early theories? a. On whom were they used? i. They tested DNA of Tutmosis, want to test DNA of fetuses of the two babies in King Tut’s tomb, comparing skulls of tut and amenhotep
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Unformatted text preview: (mar fan’s disease) and on KV55 ii. b. What were the results? KV55 was a possible brother to Tut, Genetic disorder was unlikely, babies were from Tut’s line, Mystery body (Smenkhkare)??? KV55—so similar to Tut, has to be related (father or brother)-possible that KV55 is also Akhenaton. KV55 was NOT Akhenaton, could be his older brother (Smenkhkare) who was roughly 25…no genetic abnormality in Tut or his brother Female Fetuses: possible genes from Nefertiti herself (Tut’s wife was daughter of Nefertiti) Pattern of inbreeding did not continue throughout. (Brother-sister marriage at start and at end) 18 th dynasty was made of two families, not one (not continuous inbreeding)- break between Amenhotep the 1 st and Tuthmosis the 1st...
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