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1 Organisation Development Plan 2017-18
2 1. Introduction We are making our 2030 Vision a reality, and the pace of change is rapid. New models of care are transforming healthcare across Fylde and Wyre, and we have begun to see measurable improvements in patient experience and outcomes. To ensure these exciting new ways of working are sustainable we are developing a new care system. We were awarded ‘ v anguard’ status by NHS England a nd given the flexibility, as one of a select few sites, to design a new organisational form for the future. As part of our developing accountable care system, we are aiming to have a ‘multi - speciality provider’ in shadow form by April 2017. This will require significant collaboration and culture change across the different organisations involved across the Fylde coast, as well as refocused staff and clinical leadership roles. In addition to this, as one of five ‘test beds’ nationally, we are at the forefront of innovation and, through a collaboration with academia and the private sector, are offering patients the opportunity to use new technology to help them better manage their conditions. We are also a lead partner in the Healthy New Town development at Whyndyke Farm, one of 10 schemes designated nationally by the King’s Fund to promote healthy living. These programmes again require a change in the way health and care staff work. To support all of this, the four neighbourhoods within Fylde and Wyre will need to continue to develop, and will require support to do so. Alongside this, there are improvements planned across Lancashire and south Cumbria through the Sustainable Transformation Plan (STP), which consolidates and builds on the work ongoing locally. This is all against a backdrop of a shortage of GPs and practice nurses across Fylde and Wyre which, without our immediate attention, will only get worse over the coming few years. Organisational development (OD) is the system-wide process of planned and emerging intervention aimed at continuously improving the effectiveness of the CCG at an organisational level, and through it the effectiveness of the Fylde coast health system. OD influences strategy, processes and culture. To ensure the CCG continues to be successful, it is clear that OD intervention will be required to support the changes described. These interventions will need to ensure, as a priority, that the right staff, leadership and systems are in place to ensure the transformational change agenda is successful, and that the CCG’s people are able to work effectively across organisational boundaries.