ANP 264 1.14.08 - ANP 264 Monday History and Human Origins...

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ANP 264 Monday, January 14, 2008 History and Human Origins I. The Biblical world and the problems of fossils a. Biblical history i. In 1636, Archbishop James Ussher of Ireland used the bible to date the creation of the world to 4004 B.C 1. 6011 years ago as of October 23 rd , 2007 b. Science of the bible i. What was understood: Humans were created by God. There was nothing before us, and we have been, in form, as we have always been. This applied to animals species, also. c. Antiquarians (proto-archaeologists) i. Interested in learning about and preserving the past ii. Mainly obtained material objects to put into museums iii. Often found materials that did not fit in with the biblical understanding of the world d. Early fossil finds i. 1690: Conyers finds a series of stone axes associated with an unknown species of elephant ii. Explained as the elephants of the Carthaginian General Hannibal used during their wars with Rome iii. John Freres 1. 1797: also found stone tools, but with animals that did not look like any animal known 2. found 12 feet below the ground 3. completely discounted at the time iv. Jacques Boucher de Perthe 1. 1830s: antiquarian interested in fossils. Made numerous
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ANP 264 1.14.08 - ANP 264 Monday History and Human Origins...

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