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Geology 201 Lecture 2 - • Till o Material Deposited...

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Geology 201 Lecture 2.7.07 Glacial Erosion Plucking o Remember frost wedging? -expansion of water during freezing breaks rocks apart Abrasion o Ice is filled with piece of rock o Pieces polish underlying rock Glaciers and landscape Glaciers shape landscape Alpine glaciers leave U-shaped valleys o River valleys are V-shaped Deranged Drainage Continental Glaciers o Ice-scoured plains o All loose material is stripped away o Normal drainage pathways become clogged -Lakes, swamps, poor drainage Ex)-Canada Glacial Deposits Glacial Drift: generic term for any type of glacial deposits
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Unformatted text preview: • Till o Material Deposited directly by ice Moraine: ridge of till • Stratified Drift o Sediment deposited by melt water • Glacial erratics o Large boulders found in till or sitting surrounded by random land Lacustrine: Lake Fluvial: River Eolian: Wind • Water Most important erosional agent Moves because of gravity! (moves toward sea level) • Why do rivers cut into the land surface? More Work to flow over land to sea Least amount of work would be flow straight down Lab review on Sunday with Adam...
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  • Glacier, Continental Glaciers, -Canada Glacial Deposits, water Glacial erratics, V-shaped Deranged Drainage

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