ISP 217L Lab 3 - How Is the Flow of The Red Cedar...

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How Is the Flow of The Red Cedar Influenced by Weather? Introduction The flow of a river influences many things within an area. Flow is the amount of water flowing at any given time. There are factors that influence the amount of flow in a river, such as the amount of rainfall or warm temperatures. Flow is an important characteristic of a river because it can help determine where a flood is likely to happen. It is important to monitor flow to prevent catastrophic events from happening. Flow provides data, as well, about what has happened or been happening in that environment. For example, a drought would mean that the flow is lower than normal. A lot of snow or rain might increase the amount of flow in a river. I think that when the flow the Red Cedar will be higher during times of lots of rainfall and less during times where rain is less. Furthermore, I think that the Red Cedar will have the most flow the day of and day following the rainfall. Methods In order to answer this question, several steps were followed. First, a measure of the depth of the river over a period of time is necessary. For six days, measure the river at three different points. Good measuring points are at both banks of the river and again in the center. You will use a weight on a long rope. Start on one of the two banks of the river and measure depth using the weight by lowering the weight over the side of the Farm Lane Bridge down into the Red Cedar until the rope goes slack. You will want to mark this level somehow, knots or pieces of colored duck tape work well. Repeat on the other bank and again in the middle of the Red Cedar. Using a ruler or a yard stick, measure how deep the river is in inches. Record the depth of each spot. You are measuring depth in order to determine the area of the river. To determine the area of the Red Cedar, the measure of width is necessary too. In order to find this, take a map of the MSU campus and locate the Farm Lane Bridge and the Spartan Stadium. The stadium will be your guide since we know how long it is. Using a ruler, mark how wide the river is and compare it to the yard lines on the stadium. Keep in mind that 100 yards = 91.44 meters. Also measure the width of the Farm Lane
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ISP 217L Lab 3 - How Is the Flow of The Red Cedar...

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