IAH 201 2.21.07 - IAH 201 Spring 2007 "Immigration in...

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IAH 201 Spring 2007 "Immigration in Europe in the 20th century: the world context of US immigration policy" Thesis: In the first half of the twentieth century, many European nations made efforts to define their national identity by restricting immigration and categorizing people by race. After World War II, the growth of European economies prompted many countries to encourage immigration for cheap labor. After the 1970s, European nations expressed increasing unease about immigrants and their families: they did not want to welcome a community of immigrants who were culturally and racially different. I. European Immigration before World War II (1914-1945) A. World War I (1914-1918): During much of the nineteenth century, migration in Europe was mostly free World war I led nation-states to substantially regulate immigration i. Began to require visas, identification cards: France required ID cards in 1917 ii. Passed restrictive legislation: Britain in 1914; Italy in 1915 *compare to Johnson-Reed Act* B. Depression and World War II Depression, 1930s; repatriation of immigrants from France (France repatriates immigrants) and other European nations World War II, 1939-1945: Nazi Germany used racial categories to exterminate Jews and gypsies and to make other Europeans into slave laborers II. European Immigration After World War II A. 1945-73 War led to need for labor: shortage of workers and rebuilding
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IAH 201 2.21.07 - IAH 201 Spring 2007 "Immigration in...

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