IAH 201 4.25.07 - IAH 201 4.25.07 I I. Hate speech...

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Unformatted text preview: IAH 201 4.25.07 I I. Hate speech regulation before WWII D. clashes between civil liberties and racial groups before 1945 2. Anti-Nazi laws Jewish groups pushed for protection from racist provocation New Jersey Race Hate Law, 1934: made it illegal to disseminate racist propaganda The ACLU pushed for free speech and was victorious in State vs. Klapprott, 1941 I I I. Worldwide human rights movement More than 40 declarations, covenants, and treaties on human rights were promulgated after WWII Treaties on human rights all say something about limiting offensive racial and religious forms of expression Why? The Holocaust IV. Modern Civil Rights Movement, 1945-1968 A. Minority groups began to call for “Group Libel” laws after WWII Libel laws restrict free speech about an individual person if it is false and harms the reputation of the other person “Group libel” laws would similarly restrict free speech about a minority group if it were false and hurt that group’s reputation Group libel laws as a minority group strategy Beauharnais v I l l inois (1952) Joseph Beauharnais distributed white supremacist literature in Cicero, Illinois and was arrested in the midst of racial tensions that ultimately led to a riot...
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IAH 201 4.25.07 - IAH 201 4.25.07 I I. Hate speech...

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