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Unformatted text preview: Useful Mathematical Symbols and Expressions Symbol AB f () : A B | [a, b] [a, b) P (A) / 0 Name belongs to for all there exists subset product of sets function mapping given that closed interval right-open power set empty set infinity and or Example xA xR xR AX Meaning x belongs to a set A for all x belonging to R there exists x belonging to R A is a subset of X the set of all pairs (a,b) with a A and b B {x R|a x b} {x R|a x b} x is greater or equal to a and smaller or equal to b x is greater or equal to a and smaller than b the set of all subsets of A / by definition 0 P (A) for all sets A not union intersection n=k n=1 n=k k=1 the union of sets S1 through Sk the intersection of sets S1 through Sk least upper bound greatest lower bound finite dimensional vector space ...,-1,0,1,.... sup inf R Z supremum infimum n-dimensional Euclidean space the set of integers summation symbol product symbol Table 1: Various mathematical symbols with examples and explanations. Note: the above definitions are often used in control theory, estimation, and mathematics literature, however their meanings may vary. c Paul Otanez, 2003, 1 ...
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