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Mini Case 8 (Ch 11: Case #1 Team Effectiveness) 1.Is there anything more Raouf could have done during or after his meeting with Colin to prevent the situation from escalating?
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2.Could Jack have handled his meeting with Colin in a better way? Was there anything Jack could have done after his meeting with Colin and before he met with Henri? What are some things Jack could have done in his meeting with Henri?
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Unformatted text preview:time to discuss the problem and make sure to close the door so there would be no eavesdropping. After meeting with Colin, Jack should have asked others in the meeting what had happened and collect information before meeting with Henri, specially since he is aware that he's been stressed about his son. When meeting with Henri again door should be closed and start by asking him how he is doing and if the stress from his son is affecting him. Then inform him of the information he collected and Colin's complaint. He then should have brought in Colin to discuss the problem and identify possible solutions and determine which solution would best solve the problem. 3. What should Fatima do? Although I don't think Fatima should go talk to Jack, I do think she should make sure she keeps track of her teams' progress so that in the future if a problem comes up and somehow, they are blamed she will have back up with their part being completed and that its not because of them that the project is behind.