Psych 101 Notes for Unit 2 Test

Psych 101 Notes for Unit 2 Test - Psych 101: Unit 2 Notes...

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Psych 101: Unit 2 Notes Learning: Long term change in behavior or capabilities due to experience Capabilities improve the more you learn Habituation: Decrease in the strength of a response due to repetition Watching scary movies over and over again, not scary anymore Classical Conditioning: Pavlov’s Dogs- Bell Food Saliva Bell Saliva Unconditioned Stimulus (UCS): Food- Doesn’t need to be conditioned Unconditioned Response (UCR): Salivate- Natural Response to UCS Conditioned Stimulus (CS): Bell- Conditioned to respond to Conditioned Response (CR): Salivate- Response to the CS after conditioning Extinction: Stimulus Generalization: Discrimination: Higher Order Conditioning: Watson’s Study: Baby Albert- Rat (happy) -Noise (Loud) -Crying = Rat –Crying Operant Conditioning: Learners operate on the environment and learn from the consequences Reinforcement: Behavior Increases Positive: Presentation of something rewarding Negative: Removal of something aversive Punishment: Behavior decreases Positive: Getting in trouble (spanking yelling) Negative: Getting something taken away Shaping: Kathryn putting the popcorn tin on her head Schedules of Reinforcement: Interval=Time Ratio=Behaviors Fixed Interval: getting paid every two weeks Variable Interval: getting a reward randomly Fixed Ratio: getting paid every two socks you make Variable Ratio: random rewarding (gambling) Operant Generalization: Operant Discrimination: Observational Learning: Individuals have the capability to learn from others Discrimination Learning: Card game in class- No reinforcements Memory: Sensory Memory: very brief memory sensations Working/Short term memory: limited amount of info can be retained and processed (7+-2) Long term memory: largely unlimited amount of info can be retained indefinitely Hippocampus: Moves from short term to long term memory
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Psych 101 Notes for Unit 2 Test - Psych 101: Unit 2 Notes...

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