Psychology 101 Unit 3 Note Packet

Psychology 101 Unit 3 Note Packet - Psychology 101, Part...

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Psychology 101, Part III Professor Cross, Instructor Office: Science1, Room 375A, 294-3224 e-mail: Office hours: 1:30-3:00 Monday & Tuesday Schedule of Lecture Topics REVISED: Text pages to read: Oct. 30 Social Influence 613-631 Nov. 01 Aggression and Helping 631-655 Nov. 06 Prejudice and Stereotyping Review 631-634 Nov. 08 Personality and Self 440-484 Nov. 13 Thinking, part I 273-311 Nov. 15 Thinking, part II Review 613-622 Nov. 27 Groups and Cultures 476-477 Nov. 29 Motivation and Emotion 348-394 Dec. 4 Stress, Coping & Health 485-527 Dec 6 No class Dec. 10, 7:30 am FINAL EXAM Intro to Social Psychology and Social Influence (pp. 613-631) Kurt Lewin: B = f(P, E) What is Social Psychology? “ an attempt to understand and explain how the thoughts, feelings, and behavior of individuals are influenced by the What is social influence? “Efforts by one or more individuals to ____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________.” 4 types of social influence: h Compliance s Conformity s Obedience s Persuasion Example: Cult influence Who joins a cult? Only 5-6% have major psychological problems. COMPLIANCE
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“A form of social influence in which one or more persons accepts direct requests from one or more others” • Foot-in-the-door technique: a small request if followed by a larger one Example: Freeman & Fraser (1966). An experimenter contacted homemakers in Palo Alto, and asked if they would be willing to answer several questions about household products. 3 days later, the experimenter called back those who had participated and made a huge request. Other homemakers were
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Psychology 101 Unit 3 Note Packet - Psychology 101, Part...

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