Soc. Notes - UNIT 2 Soc 134 Modernity is built off of...

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UNIT 2 Soc 134 Modernity is built off of efficiency IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO LIVE OUT TRADITIONAL MORALITY IN THE MODERN WORLD o Cant keep the 10 commandments Slide Series 10 Everyday life in modern society – a traditional social control hold? 9-28-07 Chapter 8 – skim Modern morality Many early theorists= science of morality Moral Morality o Flatting out of good and bad of the world o Right and wrong and good and bad disappear No right and proper society o Associated with modernity o God/ bad and right and wrong determined in modernity American Exceptionism o Trying to do away with relativism Socioloist how do people go about deciding what is good and bad Who am i? test o Christian, sister, athlete, best friend, daughter, girlfriend, friend, loving, caring, sympathetic, nice, tall, conservative, student Relative Morality – right and wrong in: o Roles A social role is daughter, student, best friend… those things Making decisions on right and wrong relative on the role that one plays Should and shouldn’t do as a student… ect The roles we play in a society (all of the who am I’s) Put pressure on each other Betrayal ect o Bureaucratic rules You are forced to adhere to rules… Structure our morality… punishments if we break o Situations We find ourselves constantly in situations that are ill-defined and somehow we have to figure out how to act in the situation rightly without disturbing social life. Establishing right and wrong Symbolic interactions – an American theory inspired by European theorists the “metropolis” o William Isaac Thomas The Unadjusted Girl (wrote with his wife) and found and the “Definition of the Situation” Things defined as real are real in their consequences o Definition – things defined as real… aren’t solid… how do we go about making them? o Consequences – sociologists focus on them Measure and figure out what happens when someone acts in a certain way. o Labeling theory of deviance – you label one as deviant they become deviant. 1 st systematic thorough theory of the “Social construction of reality” Social control and Morals in Modern Society: Erving Goffman’s Dramaturgy: modern people are actor and actresses because for 1 st impressions.
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o Why does drama and theatre arise with modernity? o Why is everyday life in modern society “dramatic”? 1 st impressions are everything in modernity Identity Kit - to impress other people we have to carry our identity with us… our accessories and head phones and jewelry and all those things to signify who you are in the world. In traditional life we didn’t have to think consciously about the work we did or the impressions we make… but in modernity we act… Like dressing, not because the close are comfy but because they are impressive to others Trip over the sidewalk… traditional people trip and get up and keep going… modern people act… they laugh,
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Soc. Notes - UNIT 2 Soc 134 Modernity is built off of...

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