Annotated Bibliography - An Analysis of The Opening and...

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Unformatted text preview: An Analysis of The Opening and Approach to Woman Adapted by Pick-up Artists Playing The Game compared to theories of Interpersonal Communication 12 February, 2008 Peter N. R. Vennestrøm [email protected] Student ID: 905 736 0928 Preliminary Considerations (disclaimer) First of all, I must state that most of the theory and views on woman presented in the books and articles are not mine nor in many cases shared by me. I will however try to present them as objective as possible. Introduction and problem definition Within recent years groups of men have developed a sub culture concerned about improving their skills, via better understanding of what they call social psychology, in dating and “picking up” woman. They call them self “Pick-up Artists”, and usually they will refer to playing “The Game” when they go into action. The focus of this research paper will be on a comparison and analysis on how pick-up artists use specific strategies in order to give the best and most successful first impression and the theories presented by interpersonal communication and psychology. Earlier most of the communication between pickup artists were performed on online websites protected by e.g. passwords or just not easily found. But the book The Game by Neil Strauss has revealed most of the mysteries connected to this sub culture. In the book a variety of strategies and theories are disclosed on how men best should approach the opposite sex. The underlying basis for this paper will therefore be the book by Strauss and by critically comparing the strategies and theories to the ones presented by the scientific world it is my intention to figure out if the theories used by this community has any substance whatsoever. Annotated Bibliography Benz, J., Anderson, M., & Miller, R. (2005). Attributions of Deception in Dating Situations. Psychological Record , 55 (2), 305-314. Article describing how males try to deceive woman about their financial status and commitment level, whereas woman try to deceive men about their physical attraction. The research shows that both men and females think this is true and that they are aware of it. The intended deceptions can be described as evolutionary advantages, which is in agreement with some of the theories described by pick-up artists. Some of the statements and results will therefore support the conclusions from the seduction community and is therefore relevant in this study. Grazian, D. (2007). The Girl Hunt: Urban Nightlife and the Performance of Masculinity as Collective Activity. Symbolic Interaction , 30 (2), 221-243 The article is based on considerations, interviews and reports by young college men and how and why they go out. The article argues that the reason for young men to go out in the nightlife is to find woman, and by doing so they perform a social ritual, that not only increase their self-worth but also their status and masculinity. This article describes some increase their self-worth but also their status and masculinity....
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Annotated Bibliography - An Analysis of The Opening and...

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