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CHM 2120C Organic Chemistry II Module 3 STRUCTURE DETERMINATION: (NMR IR) 1 Organic Chemistry Mechanistic Patterns by Ogilvie et al, 2017
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Molecular Spectroscopy The study of the interaction between matter and the electromagnetic radiation (absorption, emission or transmission of radiative energy). Every molecule has several types of ground and excited states, including vibrational, rotational, and electronic states. Allows the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the organic molecules. And so the determination of the molecular structure : Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR): connectivity, structure. infrared (IR, FTIR): functional groups. 2 Structure Determination
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Electromagnetic Spectrum Structure Determination 3 Radio Waves (for NMR) : - Nuclear spin transitions - NMR spectroscopy: safe method of analysis - MRI: same technique used in hospitals
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