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Chem 1100 Exam 1 study guide

Chem 1100 Exam 1 study guide - Conservation of...

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Chem 1100 Exam #1 Study Guide NOTE: This document is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all material appearing on the exam. It is a general guide outlining what I perceive as the topics most emphasized. ANYTHING from the sections covered in lecture and emphasized in lab are FAIR GAME for the exam! Radiation: Conversions between frequency, energy, and wavelength Molecules: Lewis structures (you will be expected to draw them!) Octet rule Free radicals Three-dimensional shapes (drawing and naming!) Moles Like a dozen (or a pair), except 6.022 x 10 23 instead of 12 (or 2) Balanced chemical equations
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Unformatted text preview: Conservation of mass/stoichiometry Atoms and Elements Periodic table Atomic structure (protons, neutrons, electrons) Isotopes (including notation) Allotropes Interactions between light and matter Absorbing energies depending on structure, strength of bonds Breaking bonds (esp. in relation to ozone) Molecular vibrations (esp. relating to the greenhouse effect) How ozone protects from UV radiation Catalysis Chapman Cycle Tropospheric vs. stratospheric ozone The ozone hole and global warming are different phenomena CFCs Global warming controversy Greenhouse gases...
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