10-23 - • Interviewed head of Hamas 18:06:00 ← Today...

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Magazine Journalism 23/10/2007 18:06:00 Michael Grinfeld Magazine Department lawyer and journalist Undergraduate Boston University teaches at J-School and Law School Advice: Take writing classes! Many different career paths to do what you want Skills transfer between law and journalism: investigation, creation of stories,  convince others it’s true “Mizzou Mafia” internships, alumni connections never be a good journalist if you don’t read! Vanity Fair very interesting! Incredible finds Value in almost ANY magazine (Playboy, Cosmo, Vogue, etc.) NEED CLIPS! Able to demonstrate that you’re a good writer and able to  report, reliable and can come up with good ideas Write because you want to! Career: Went to law school, thought it could get him anywhere At home parent for a while Started to write about things that interested him
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Unformatted text preview: • Interviewed head of Hamas 23/10/2007 18:06:00 ← Today Professor Michael Grinfeld came to talk to us about Magazine Journalism. He started first by talking about his various careers before teaching at Mizzou. He started off going to Boston University and then on to Law School. He thought that a Law degree could take him anywhere but then decided to be a stay-at-home Dad for a while. Then, he just started writing about everything that interested him and started a career as a journalist. He has interviewed many famous people including the leader of Hamas. His major piece of advice was to read everything! He said that Vogue, Vanity Fair and even Playboy could be helpful for a budding journalist! 23/10/2007 18:06:00 ←...
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10-23 - • Interviewed head of Hamas 18:06:00 ← Today...

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