07 - • Typhon fights Zeus in Syria Haimos Etna and Thrace...

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Zeus I: Battles 8/24/07 Titanomachy Chronos vomits up Olympians o o 2. Gaia tricks him Baby Zeus grows up o Olympians vs. Titans (10 years) Zeus wins and titans are bound in Tartaros Gigantomachy Gaia produces chthonic giants (symbolized with snakes) o With “help” of Ouranos (Apollodorus) o Without help (Hesiod) Zeus ‘s allies: Olympians, Heracles, and Fates o Athena vs. Encelados (Athena traps him under a volcano) o Poseidon vs. Polybtes o Heracles vs. Alcyoneus (drags him away from Greece so the giant  would be mortal) Typhon (Typhoios) Gaia produces Typhon with Tartaros Tartaros/Tartara produces Typhon in Hyginus Symbolizes thunder (Zeus) vs. fire (Typhon) o Zeus imprisons Typhon 1. Tartaros (Hesiod) 2. Under Etna (a volcano)
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Unformatted text preview: • Typhon fights Zeus in Syria, Haimos, Etna, and Thrace o Zeus gets captured in Syria and Hermes rescues him o Zeus fights Typhon and gets bloody, hence the name Thrace Zeus in Power 8/24/07 ← Zeus swallows Metis • He now possesses Force (thunderbolt) + Intelligence (Metis) ← ← Zeus’s offspring • Zeus + Mnemosyne (Memory) = Muses • Zeus + Eurynome = Charities (“Graces”) • Zeus + Themis = Horai (“Hours” or “Seasons”) o Also produces Eunomia (Good Order), Firene (Peace), and Dike (Justice) o He may have produced the Fates (Clotho, Atropos, Lachesis) ← ← Zeus’s Accomplishments • Defeats Titans & Giants with Allies • Defeats Typhon alone • Children of Zeus o Knowledge o Beauty o Time/Order o Destiny 09/09/2007 15:11:00 ←...
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07 - • Typhon fights Zeus in Syria Haimos Etna and Thrace...

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