Presidency (Executive Branch)

Presidency (Executive Branch) - Presidency (Executive...

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Unformatted text preview: Presidency (Executive Branch) 28/11/2007 19:28:00 1) Who can become President? (Formal Rules) 35+ yrs. Old US citizen (Natural born) 14 yrs. Of US residency Less than 10 yrs served as president 2) Roles Titles Chief Administrator: Head of executive branch Chief Executive #1: #1 Law enforcer Foreign Relations: Chief diplomat Commander in Chief: Military o War of 1812 o Mexico/US War o Spanish/US War o World War I o World War II Chief Legislature: Agenda setting, tools Political: head of party Main Functions Head of State: rep. of country Head of Government: politics/leader Formal Powers Head of executive branch Veto; call special sessions, state of the union Chief diplomat; treaties, relations (recognition) Commander in Chief Nominate justices/federal judges Informal Powers Bully pulpit: uses power to get what he wants...
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Presidency (Executive Branch) - Presidency (Executive...

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