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Nintendo Wii The Rise of The Casual Gamer Marketing Analysis/Environment Nintendo Nintendo was founded in Japan in 1889, but it was not until the mid-1980s that Nintendo entered
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the video game market. Nintendo quickly became one of the most successful console makers and software publishers in the industry. With the introduction of their newest console, Wii, Nintendo has reclaimed a majority market share, comprising 44.3% of all video game console sales. Wii Wii is experiencing enormous success due to its unique user interface and control scheme. Whereas Sony’s PLAYSTATION 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 rely on button-based control pads, Nintendo’s Wii uses motion sensors in its controllers. For example, when playing a bowling game, the gamer actually mimics a natural bowling motion to roll the ball; for tennis, the player swings the control like a tennis racket. Also, the Nintendo first-party software, which includes such popular franchises as Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda, are available exclusively on Nintendo’s consoles. Legal/Regulatory Though the video game industry imposes it’s own standards through a ratings system (much like the MPAA’s ratings), there is little government regulation of the video game market. In recent years, there have been movements outside the industry for the federal government to draft legislation regulating the sale of violent or mature video games to minors, but a nationwide law has yet to be accepted. Political Video game legislation remains a hot topic in the industry, with industry insiders holding the belief that video games are an art form, and therefore should not be subject to political influence regarding their content. Others, however, believe video games should be monitored and regulated because of the appeal they have to children. Technological
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WiiMarketingProject - Nintendo Wii The Rise of The Casual...

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