textilescience3[1] - Safety (textile flammablility) There...

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Safety (textile flammablility) There are two different. When you put on a finish to a fiber, you change a characteristic. Most durable agents increase stiffness in hand. Safety (textile flammablility) We investigate o Fabric, garments, carpets, mattresses o Test methods o New product FFA- flammable fabric act CPSC- consumer product safety commission NFPCA- national fire prevention control administration NFDC-nation fire data center No one is agreed on the definitions of standard fire It is hard to find answers to these questions cost of o damage by the fire o human loss Production capability o Is it achievable and practical Questions: o What degree of production is needed? What are you trying to protect? o Performance before and after treatment o Tradeoffs and compromises Reduce fabric choices Aesthetics Reduced performance Factors affecting flammability o Garment configuration o Fabric ignitability- figured out by fabric content o Rate of flame speed o Heat transfer from fabric to victims body o Manmade fibers- are causing more heat transfer and more severe burn o Duration of the burn Garment: o Shape( configuration) o Thread used o Lining o Interfacing/ interlocking o Duration of ignition o Trims and accessories
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Flaming happens only at the gas-air interface where oxidation can take place
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textilescience3[1] - Safety (textile flammablility) There...

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