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Committee: World Intellectual Property Organization Topic B: Product Counterfeiting Country: Italy Italy firmly believes that product counterfeiting is a serious problem and needs to be dealt with immediately. Like many other countries around the world Italy is also losing millions of dollars in revenue each year to product counterfeiting. The Italian government has begun to deal with this problem on its own, but one government on its own cannot deal with this by its self. Italy would like the support of the other governments within the United Nations to help deal with this crippling problem. Product counterfeiting is a serious problem in Italy. Many tourists come to our cities to buy counterfeit bags or sunglasses. Many of these people know they are not real, but they do not care. Meanwhile Italy is losing millions of dollars in tax revenue. The men that sell these knock-off products are usually from Africa. There are hundreds of these men that sell them in the streets in any one city, and it is impossible to catch many
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