1stsemestermyth - Mythology 1.29.08 Education was all...

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Mythology 1.29.08 Education was all private-elite would get one on one teaching Greek male elite would be in charge of warfare and hunting Athletics important for training and religious worship. -this was origin of Olympic Games Foot races, boxing matches, wrestling, chariots racing Begin Chapter 3 Some eastern stories Sumerian. Ziggurat; cuniform, creation as separation, primeval sea, Heaven(An) Earth)KI). Inanna, Enlil, Enki, Ereshkigal. Succession myth: Enki(=groundwater) Replaces An(=Air). Makes humans from Mud as breadmakers of the gods (Myth of original sin). Dragon combat myth: Gilgamesh Fertility Myth: Inanna(Fertility goddess) and Dumuzi. The dying god and the sacred marriage. Dying God mtyh: Inanna’s descent to underworld. Ereshkigal-god of dead Inanna tries to take thrown- takes it but judgers down like her so they turn her into a slab of meat -Since inanna in underworld-no one can reproduce brother creates 2 beings to enter and give gifts. Ereshkigal grants them one any wish- they ask for inanna back…Sumerians can reproduce again. Akkadian (Semitic) Adaptions of Sumerian stories Parracide myth: Enuma Elish(“When on high…”) Apsu and Tiamat(Freshwater and Saltwater). Tiamat, Kingu, and the tablet of destiny. Marduk Makes humans from Kingu’s blood Heroic Legend: Gelgamesh, Enkidu, Humbaba, Ishtar, Death of Enkidu, Quest for eternal life. Hittite succession of myth: Ullikummi Kumarbi and Teshhub (CF. Uranus-Cronus-Zeus). Myth of the Universal flood Sumerian(early) Utnapishtim: Dilmun(Eden) Sumerian Later: Ziusudra (Advice from Enki) Akkadian: Atrahasis. Enlil vs. humans: etiological tale about infertility, stillbirths Hebrew: Noah. Yahweh vs humans (Genesis). Etiological tale about Hebrew customs/laws Late Bronze age writing Sumerians, Hittites: Cuniform
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-Gilgamesh, Utnapishtim Mycenaeans, MinoansL Linear B -No myth, names of late deities: Nues, Hero, Poseidon, Athenia, Artemis… Oral transmissions of stories-Homer and Demodocus wrote them down 2/5/08
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1stsemestermyth - Mythology 1.29.08 Education was all...

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